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Holiday Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Booking 
All bookings made are subject to our Terms and Conditions. This applies regardless of whether these Terms and Conditions have been received prior to making the booking. When reserving a stay with us regardless of whether the booking is online or by telephone, we have an obligation to provide the accommodation as specified in our literature. The hirer has an obligation to abide by our Terms and Conditions which are essential to good management and the enjoyment of others on the park. 
1. The holiday home assigned to the hirer may be used only for holiday purposes and will not be used for sleeping more persons than booked.

2. The holiday home can only be used by the guests originally booked. You cannot re sell any break to anyone unless consent by FBHL has been given.
3.  The Hirer is responsible for the conduct of their guests and shall take steps to ensure that their behaviour does not cause a nuisance, inconvenience, or disturbance to other occupiers around them or cause damage to the holiday home and its possessions.

4.  The Hirer agrees to inform us of any damage caused to our holiday home or to the property of third parties and against personal injury caused by the Hirer or members of the Hirer’s party.

5.  We cannot accept liability for any injury, loss of damage suffered by you or any member of your party: unless there was a wilful default by the owner of the holiday home, death or personal injury was cause by owners’ negligence.
6. All refuse and litter is to be deposited in the refuse bins provided around the resort and the area surrounding the holiday home is to be kept in a clean and tidy condition.

7.  Bookings cannot be made by anyone under the age of 21, for single sex parties or for any stag or hen parties. Same sex couples are accepted.

8.  We will endeavour to have your accommodation thoroughly cleaned and ready for your occupation by our cleaning team. This time cannot be guaranteed however, if there are extenuating circumstances beyond our control.
9.  Refunds will only be given if the self-catering accommodation is unavailable to be hired out on these dates because of the actions of FBHL or the property owner. FBHL will endeavour to ensure that the Property is available for the dates booked. In the unlikely event the Property becomes unavailable and FBHL has to cancel the booking, FBHL will endeavour to find the Hirer and the Hirer's party suitable alternative accommodation. If suitable alternative accommodation cannot be found, the Hirer shall be entitled to a full refund. FBHL shall only be liable to return monies received. No compensation or consequential losses shall be paid.
10. Our holiday homes are strictly non-smoking/vaping. If guests are found to be smoking or vaping in the holiday home, the whole party will be asked to leave immediately without any refund.
11. Some holiday homes have a strict no animal or pet’s rule. If guests are found to have animals or pets in non-pet friendly holiday home, all guests will be asked to leave immediately without any refund. 
12.  A deposit is required to secure the dates. We are unable to secure a date unless payment has been made. Until such payment is made the date will be available for other parties to book. The Hirer agrees when making a booking that the deposit is non-refundable. FBHL will also ask for a £20 booking fee, payable with the balance, applies to all bookings and is also non-refundable. Any additional services paid for by the Hirer are also non-refundable.
13. Final balance must be paid 6 weeks before your stay with us. It is the hirer’s responsibility to contact FBHL to make payment arrangements. If payment is not made, we are entitled to relist the date.
14. If the hirer fails to show up for their booking, a refund will not be given apart from our returnable bond.
15.  A bond is required with all bookings and if the holiday home is found to be in a reasonable condition at the time of your departure and no T&Cs have been broken, the bond will be refunded within 7 working days after your departure. Should any damage or theft take place above the bond’s amount the Hirer agrees to cover all costs above the bond’s amount.

16.  In the event of malicious damage being made to the holiday home, the owner retains the right to ask the Hirer to leave. The owner and the site security also reserve the right to contact the Police. The Hirer shall be liable to FBHL for any loss, costs, expenses or claims arising from any damage caused to the Property and/or its fixtures and fittings and/or its contents by the deliberate, wilful, negligent, or reckless act or omission of the Hirer or of any of the Hirer's party - excepting fair wear and tear and minor breakages at the discretion of FBHL If, as a result of such damage, the Property and/or its fixtures and fittings and/or any of its contents need to be repaired or replaced, the Hirer shall be responsible for reimbursing FBHL reasonable costs of doing so.
17.  Departure time is before 10:00am on the departure day for all our holiday homes. Any guests who have not vacated by 10:15am will be faced with a £25 charge and for every 15 minutes after that another £25 charge will be applied.
18. The key should be placed back into the key safe box; any lost keys will need to be replaced at a cost of your bond as the locks will be changed.
19.  The Hirer’s belongings should be removed from the holiday home. We cannot be held responsible for any belongings that are left in our holiday home.
20. The Hirer agrees not to remove any of the owner’s possessions.
21. The Hirer agrees to turn off any heating in the holiday home when not in use.
22. Prices are correct at the time of publication; however, some errors may occur. I the event that a wrongly listed price, FBHL reserve the right to cancel the booking and notify the hirer within 48 hours of the booking being made, giving the hirer a full refund.
23. In the likelihood that Haven or The Bay changes the entertainment programme or cancels any services or facilities, we cannot be held responsible as our accommodation is self-catering and we do not include facilities in our prices, these are an additional cost. We also cannot be held responsible for changes in Funworks passes prices as these are set by Haven.
24. Any excessive cleaning needed after a stay will result in an additional charge as we do ask guests to clean up after themselves this does include the hirer ensuring all kitchenware including oven trays have been washed prior to departure.
25. FBHL and any contractors reserves the right to enter the accommodation at any reasonable time for the purpose of checking the condition, repairs, or any emergency. Access cannot be denied without valid reason, or this will affect your bond in some cases.
26. No refund will be made to the hirer whose hiring has commenced and who vacates the holiday home for any reason including an emergency at home.
27. The Hirer accepts that FBHL grants no warranty in their description of the Property. Whilst every care is taken to provide an accurate description of the Property, alterations by the Owner are occasionally made to the Property and some aspects may change. The Hirer accepts that no refunds are available for such changes and that no liability attaches FBHL for any such change.
28. The property is in a rural location and FBHL offer no warranty as to availability of television, radio, Wi-Fi, mobile telephone, mobile data or any other communications service.
29. All complaints must first be referred to FBHL during the Hire Period to allow remedial action to be taken (if required/ necessary). It is essential that you contact FBHL immediately if any problem arises so that it may be resolved as soon as reasonably practicable. In no circumstances can compensation be claimed for complaints raised only after the Hire Period has ended should the Hirer fail to advise FBHL during the Hire Period.
30. The Hirer agrees that information requested by or provided to the Owner or FBHL for the purposes of the booking will only be used by the Owner and FBHL in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and for the purpose of the booking and the provision of any services connected thereto, and further agrees that FBHL may use information provided for updating the Owner's or FBHLs records and for contacting the Hirer for marketing purposes all in accordance with FBHLs Privacy Notice .The Hirer acknowledges that the Owner and FBHL are entitled to pass the information to third parties where required to do so by law. 

31. We do not allow the use of our electricity to charge any electric vehicle. The holiday homes cannot cope with the demand and this will blow the electrics.
What happens if you cancel? 
While we hope you don't cancel your break with us, if unfortunately, you do decide to, here is what happens: If you decide to cancel before your balance date (this is stated on your booking confirmation) you do unfortunately lose your deposit paid and the booking fee, any other money paid will be refunded to the lead guest who booked and paid. If you decide to cancel after your balance date (this is stated on your booking form) but there is more than 30 days till your holiday, you will lose your deposit and booking fee paid and 50% of the money paid towards the break. The 50% refunded will be sent back to the lead guest who booked and paid.  

If you cancel with less than 30 days till your break, unfortunately you do lose all money paid towards the break apart from the returnable bond paid which will be refunded to the lead guest who booked and paid. We do advise guests to purchase holiday insurance to cover accidents, cancellations, and events our of our control etc. 

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